“I was recently represented by Kealy and Saigbah during my child custody litigations and would just like to extend my many thanks and gratitude for their steadfastness and compassion during these stressful times. Glenn Kealy and Mercy Saigbah were readily available at anytime I had a question or concern. Their comprehensive knowledge and dedication to their clients has been a tremendous help, and has secured my rights as a father. Many, many thanks !!!!


– Christopher Bradley

“I am writing this thank you letter because I truly believe that you were sent from above. Having you by my side as a single mother you provided me with strength and courage I have not had in years. Words alone cannot express what you’ve done for me. From extreme professionalism as a lawyer to the very person you are beneath the suit. I appreciate your honesty and your ability to be up front from worst case scenario to best. There were no blind spots and you don’t find that in many lawyers. From the bottom of my heart than you!”

– Dana

“I came to Attorney Glenn Kealy with a big consumer fraud issue. He explained everything he could and could not do for me and once I retained him right to work. He worked swiftly and kept me in the loop of everything that was happening and in the end resolved my issue within a week. What I enjoyed the most was the I did not feel like I was being lied to or being taken advantage of, I would recommend Glenn Kealy and Mercy Saigbah to anyone and need and I know I will come straight to them if something else ever happens.”

– Michael Inoa

“I was greatly pleased with you successful resolution of my complaint regarding a case of automobile fraud. Without experience in the area of consumer law, I wisely relied on you judgement as to how to address this matter and bring about a positive result. Today I deposited the $5,400 reimbursement I received which was due me and wanted to let you know, with this letter, that I very much appreciated your legal counsel.

Very Truly yours,”

– Marianne Manzon Winsser

“My name is Antonia Garcia, I hired attorney Glenn Kealy, for a problem with my landlord refused to give me my security deposit when my lease was over. After attempting to handle the issue myself, I finally decided to hire attorney Kealy. When he was done, I not only received my security deposit back, I got double of what was owed. I am fully satisfied with his services, and I would definitely hire him again and recommend his services.


– Antonia Garcia

“Glenn Kealy is not just an attorney. He is a person, a real person. He is both caring & honest with all of his clients. In my case, I was mistreated by a landlord who without any reason stole my money by not returning my security deposit on an apartment I had rented. I am a single mother of two children, who lives pay check to pay check. I thought I would never be able to take the landlord thru the court process to get my money back, But Glenn changed all that…he work with me in regards to payment and fought aggressively to win my case. He took my hand and walked me through the process, always making sure to keep me informed and up to date on the status of my case. Glenn won my case and got all of my money back. I recommend Glenn to all of my family & friends without hesitation….thank u for all you have done for my children and I. Not too many lawyers would have done what u did for me, Or have done it so well! :)”

– Lacey C

“My case was extremely serious, and the repercussions of a guilty finding would have affected my life forever. I had two choices, hire an arrogant fat cat attorney who had decades of experience behind him, or hire an Attorney right out of Law school who had the passion to zealously represent my case and could clearly see that there were many violations against my basic human rights. In court, after the prosecution stated their case, Glenn Kealy methodically presented his case in front of the Judge whose attention he caught instantly, as he poked holes in the prosecutions case while showing great respect for both the opposition and the Judge presiding over the case. After Glenn finished his defense the Judge immediately moved to have the case dismissed. Words nor tears can explain what Glenn Kealy did for me that day, but having him represent you in court is the best move you’ll ever make.

Respectfully, “

– Shaun L

“I bought a car from a used car dealer and the car broke down immediately after I left the dealership. The dealer failed to correct the problems and failed to return my deposit. After several failed attempts to get the dealer to fix the problems with the car, I contacted Kealy and Mercy Saigbah for help. Working with Attorneys Kealy & Saigbah was a very good experience for me. They made the entire process smooth, getting me what I deserved in a short amount of time”.”

– Pamela B

“Landlord / tenant interactions can escalate to a level that can Require legal intervention.
My wife and I encountered a situation that resulted in our hiring Glenn Kealy as our lawyer. His efforts and results obtained in representing our case, resulted in a cost to us. But due to his dedication, constant focus and relentless commitment, the financial burden was much less than it could have been.
From our perception he takes a personal interest in his clients issues to give the best possible legal representation he can provide.
We recommend to anyone seeking a lawyer to consider Glenn Kealy as his or her legal representation.”

– Paul Chiasson

“Attorney Glenn Kealy and his associate were instrumental in defending a very sensitive and personal case in which the outcome was more than expected. Attorney Kealy not only demonstrated his skill in the practice of law, but was very informative and reassuring. I will be utilizing Attorney Kealy’s law practice for future needs.”

– JL

Jody and I would like to take a moment to give you a huge thank you for all your hard work. You helped us at a time when no one else was even willing to give our case a second glance.

When we first came to see you we were still reeling from the accident that had taken place at our home a short time before and finding out that the insurance company was only going to give us just about half the funds needed to put our home back into the condition it was prior to the accident; an accident that was not our fault nor preventable by us.

You were always honest with us and you never gave up on our case. You worked many long days both with and without us figuring out the best approach to win our case against the insurance company so that we actually had the funds needed to fix our home.

Thanks to all your research, persistence, and courtroom knowledge we were successful when we were able to get our day in court and you won our case.

We cannot thank you enough for being open to taking our case. Without you we would have never had our day in court to be able to tell our side of the story and we would have never had enough funds to do the necessary repairs to make our house whole again.

Thank you again,”

– Kim Sheehan and Joseph McCormack

“I’m writing this letter in recognition of Glenn Kealy’s amazing work on behalf of representing me in a time of need. As a young professional I was not sure where to turn when needing legal advice. Glen, had provided me with the time and support I needed when I was not sure where to turn. Glen, walked me through the process and measures needed to be taken to correctly fix my situation. With his hard work, dedication, and outgoing devotion I was able to quickly and efficiently correct my problem. I would like to thank Glen Kealy and his Law Firm for representing me and taking his time and consideration to help me when I was unable to correct them myself.

– Jessica A. Donahue