Consumer Law

Consumer fraud can occur under numerous circumstances. In many cases the consumer is unaware of the fraud. Fraud can be perpetrated in numerous ways, however it is commonly undertaken when a consumer is purchasing a motor vehicle, debt collection, or unethical lending. Those who commit these fraudulent acts often have perfected the art and can be very difficult to identify. If you believe that you maybe a victim of fraud or if you are not sure you need to contact Attorney Glenn Kealy.

Glenn can help you navigate through the legal system. Consumer Law is governed by state and federal regulations and statutes making it difficult for the consumer to understand and know how they should proceed with his or her claim of fraud. Glenn will remove the confusion.

If you feel that you have been treated unfairly by a debt collector or you have been contacted by a debt collector the first call you should make is to Attorney Kealy. Debt collectors are counting on you the consumer not understanding the law, debt collectors will and have used bullying techniques in an attempt for the consumer to commit to the repayment of the debt. Before you speak to a debt collector you need to know your rights. Glenn will tell you what your rights are.

Attorney Kealy is passionate about consumer law. His goal is to level the playing field. If you believe that you are a victim of consumer fraud you need an advocate on your team. An advocate that will fight for you and that advocate is Attorney Glenn Kealy.

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